Who am I?

Born on September, 1982, I spent my childhood exploring abandoned mansions, saving stray dogs and watching movies. The Empire strikes back changed my forma mentis and now I live for redemption arcs and plot twists. Action movies where cool guys don’t look at explosions are my guilty pleasure and Les Mis√©rables, in all its forms, is my favourite thing in this whole big world.

I got a bachelor degree in Personality and interpersonal relationships psychology, a master degree in Social Psychology and Psychology of Communication (both at the University of Padua) and a thesis about fans and fanfictions, which, even now, are probably the topics I like to most to speak about: in 2017 the cultural association fanheart3 was born out of this interest and I’m currently its President.

In a world of brilliant storytellers, I became a storylistener. I spent the past ten years working as an explorer (Indiana Jones’ feels, here) in social research to study cultural and social phenomena through the words of those who created or joined them.

As a freelance writer I collect life stories and aim to share people’s passions and fights for dreams.

You can find out more about my works in my blog, in my research page and taking a look at my publications.