VR & RI.vie.Ra Network

Back in 2017 I was at the Venice Film Festival when the new Venice Virtual Reality section opened. Being a novelty, I had to try it out, even though my opinion on VR at the time was not very… accurate.

Alice the Virtual Reality Play by DV Group, the first installation I set foot into, definitely reshaped my idea of what could be done with virtual reality and I left the festival feeling like I had just found the fountain of youth: a media that could really change fruition as we know it and on which I needed to know more.

Articles & Interviews

Read my articles on VR as a media for storytelling and find out more about VR from the words of those who work with it

Collaboratorio RI.vie.Ra

Me and some colleagues recently opened a network dedicated to VR. While waiting for its official page, go and check this article about it


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