Virtual reality & Cinema

Back in 2017 I was at the Venice Film Festival when the new Venice Virtual Reality section opened. Being a novelty, I had to try it out, even though my opinion on VR at the time was not very… accurate.

Alice the Virtual Reality Play by DV Group, the first installation I set foot into, definitely reshaped my idea of what could be done with virtual reality and I left the festival feeling like I had just found the fountain of youth: a media that could really change fruition as we know it and on which I needed to know more.

I’m currently studying VR and its cinematographic use through articles you can find here,  interviews to those who are working on it and, especially, observing and analysing newbies’ reactions to this incredible tool for storytelling.

I’m also working on a scientific research on VR and a narrative project on WWI, about which I will update this page in the coming months.