Updates from the world of fandom: January / February 2020

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It’s been an intense period at fanheart3. We joined some interesting calls, lost the chance to visit Cartoomics Milano – cancelled because of the (in)famous Coronavirus, and spent a lot of time studying D&D dynamics (which I will get back to in one of the incoming articles).  

Here’s a recap of the main articles we worked on in the past two months:

#LesMiz 2.0: is the new version as good as the old one?

(only in English)

On January 2020, in London, the new production of the musical Les Misèrables has indifinetely taken the place of the original one. A “confrontation” of the two to find our personal favourite

Fictional characters and psychology: an interview with Andrea Letamendi

(available in Italian too)

In the weekly podcast The Arkham Sessions and her articles Andrea Letamendi offers psychological analyses of some of the most interesting fictional characters. Find out more about this incredible woman in fanheart3’s latest interview.

Bologna Nerd Show: una fiera da non perdere

(only in Italian)

Il Bologna Nerd Show ha concluso la sua terza edizione domenica 9 febbraio e noi ci siamo già segnate che l’anno prossimo non mancheremo. Perchè? Vi diamo 5 ragioni.

Buon compleanno Sailor Moon, eroina senza tempo!

(only in Italian)

Lei Sailor Moon, è la paladina della legge, la combattente che veste alla marinara. Lo avete letto con la sua intonazione?  Se sì, avete già capito di chi sto parlando, altrimenti, vi presento Sailor Moon.

Unisciti ad un fandom e impara la storia: il caso The Terror

(only in Italian)

Imparare la storia, gli usi e i costumi di una certa epoca attraverso la passione per un fandom: il caso The Terror (Stagione 1)

Fanheart3 always keeps a close eye to projects and people who operate to emphasize the role of fan culture in our society. This is why, during the incoming weeks, my colleagues and I will share three new interviews on our website.

The first one is to the founders of an amazing Italian project called Digitabilis. We had the chance to meet them more than once and talk a lot about their passion and resolution to get a specific goal: the overcoming of the digital divide between generations in order to facilitate communication and understanding of digital languages, rules, situations.

A second interview is the one we took with Matteo Lolli, Marvel artist specialized in Deadpool comics, whom we met at the Bologna Nerd Show.

Last, but not least, the interview with Lucrezia Lanzi, filmmaker, who is currently working at a documentary about fandoms to understand the impact that active fans have in cultural matters (and not only). 

As for VR related matters, I’ll get back to you with a new interview to an incredible stereoscopic photographer that I had the chance to meet at the River College VR in 2019. 

Finally, on XRMust I will share an interview to the director of one of my favourite VR works at Venezia76. No spoilers but… boy, kudos to the amazing story he created. 

Stay tuned, no virus can stop us from blabbering about our passions. 


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