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Social research

If you want to know more about a specific topic or you need to analyze a situation, I can help you develop your own research project and take care of its implementation with my research team

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Cultural insights

Is there a cultural phenomena you need to know more about? I can offer you insights on it and uncover it for you with an in-depth analysis of its contents, story and perspectives, using social media, interviews, questionnaires and more interactive tools.

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Life-stories collection

Are you a documentarist, a film-maker or a writer or you just need to know more about experiences? A life-stories and memories collection service is at your disposal to know more about the people you want to talk about in your works.

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Beta reading

I offer a beta reading service (English and Italian) and a proof reading service (only Italian) of narrative texts, books, thesis and more to unmask grammatical dramas and guarantee content accuracy and coherency. To find out more about beta-reading and proof reading please visit this page

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Fandom-content analysis

Do you want to know if your product or idea could arouse the interest of fans and become popular? A fandom-content analysis of movies and TV-series will allow us to find out how much your product is fandom-suitable. Need to know more about our work as experts on fans? Visit this page.