Fandom-content analyses

Often fans are what make the difference between a movie/a series that is watchable but will be forgotten soon… and immortality (i.e. Star Wars)

It may seem simple to add to your idea those elements that could attract fans’ attention and sometimes it is. However, works such as the hated season 8 of Game of Thrones or the surprising successful Call me by your name clearly show that it is not always easy to understand what fans want… especially if you are not a fan yourself.

I am a fan, and I know my fandom. That is why I decided to offer this specific service: an in-depth content analysis of your text, supported by focus groups and interviews to active fans that will highlight those elements that they are going to like and those that… they might need you to add to your work, in order to love it.

Previous scientific studies by fanheart3 and other scholars and the expertise acquired through our fanheart3 awards will be the basis from which this analysis will start.

Contact me to know more about this activity or if you have questions about fans or if you want to share your story!